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Addy Dental Care

Addy Dental Care is a family run dental practice in North Plymouth, offering high standards of treatment, care and support.

01752 781587


Larkham House

Larkham House is a well established independent practice in Plympton, with a highly knowledgeable team of professionals.

01752 343140


South Devon Dental 

South Devon Dental is based in Torbay. They are proud to offer an extremely wide selection of the most up to date treatments delivered by a highly experienced and passionate team.

01803 556422

Dr Jonathan Hope BDS, BSc (Hons), MSc (Endo) is a general dentist with a special interest in Endodontics.

Jonathan has completed an Endodontic Master's degree and is happy to carry out most non-surgical Endodontic treatments including re-treatments.


Jonathan embraces technology and utilises some of the latest equipment including rotary and reciprocating shaping systems, active irrigation techniques, digital radiography and an operating microscope.

Whether you require a simple second opinion or more complex re-treatment for your patients, please feel free to get in touch.


Treatment examples

"Routine" treatment
Long teeth
Curved roots
Open apex
Calcified canals
Perforation repairs
Abutment teeth
Removal of posts

Our Ethos
All patients will be treated to the best of our abilities, in a courteous and friendly manner.
All patients will be fully consented for treatment prior to starting including a realistic long term prognosis for the tooth.
Only work asked to be carried out by the referring dentist will be completed.
Patients will be returned back to your care for the final coronal restoration unless otherwise requested by you.
We are not here to judge other dentists work or root treatments.


To contact Dr Hope directly please email or use the form below